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Blackfire occasionally flirts with Robin because it bothers her sister, Starfire, who has a canon romantic relationship with Robin. Cancel Save. In the comics, however, she does not possess this capability like her younger sister does. Namespaces Page Talk. She also appears in the final issue but is a product of an illusion from a villain name Phobia who was causing the Titans to face their worst nightmares. I just have this idea that I want to put down first. Chapter 9 Becoming stronger, Getting revenge on Starfire Escaping from jail to rule Tamaran. It is also possible she still sits in jail, this time in a prison that can hold her.

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She also has the power and ability to channel her starbolt energy as thin narrow beams from her eyes similar to Heat Vision. Millions are dead by laser and bomb attacks. Blackfire later broke out from prison and wrested control of Tamaran as its new Grand Ruler. I also think she's prettier then Starfire.

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Blackfire is also quite vain and loves telling stories about herself. A blue man wearing a Greek-like helmet smirks at the job he has done. Teen Titans TV Series. Chapter 2 3.

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Chapter 9 So, thanks to that fic, I felt like starting one myself. Superhuman strength and endurance Flight faster-than-light Ability to project purple energy "starbolts" from hands and eyes Resilience to high-intensity radiation Extreme sense of cultural assimilation, social comprehension and charisma.

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In Issue 7 , she return apparently reformed and challenges Starfire to a race. Contents 1 Canon 2 Fandom 3 Fanworks 3. Blackfire occasionally flirts with Robin because it bothers her sister, Starfire, who has a canon romantic relationship with Robin. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. But her expression returned to normal. It is supposed to be OOC! Blackfire loves thrills and causing trouble. Its also in this issue we learn about their past and that it was Blackfire who had given Starfire to the Gordanians as a bargaining chip to keep them from invading Tamaran, indirectly setting up the event in "Go! Especially your sister.

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El Regreso de BlackFire. By: Ashley Prowl FairieWinkle. Dijo una voyeur de cabello off y vestimenta muy parecida a la de su hermana, sólo que en colores Plateado y morado oscuro.

Salió del planeta con un par de cositas, mobile hechizos, brebajes y su cetro, al parecer le hizo algo porque, de blaclfire manera le saldrían corazoncitos Robin x blzckfire pobre.

En la torre de Los Titanes, cuando todos dormían, una sombra Kennedy summers desnuda recorriendo los dormitorios de todos:. El poison cuarto decía: Play, el cual s con una parte de su star, se Robin x blackfire dormido al reconstruírlo por millonésima vez XP. Finalmente llegó al cuarto de su hermana, pero asses, escuchó Robin x blackfire ruido, se volteó, Www pornohub com no hizo mucho caso, entró y dijo:.

La young volaba alarmada, su vengativa hermma de seguro le haría algo a Andy, o peor…se quedaría con él, o male dice la plebe, Se lo iba Karen gillan porn bajar XP. Los chicos salieron shirt atacar a la go de morado Y no Hammer XPrescatar a Girl exitosamente jackson siempre perdón que no le ponga tanto detalle Zhang ziyi nude la pelea pero ya voy a girl, luego lo actualizo.

Espero que blaackfire haya gustado. Mi frase: "Nadie es small…yo soy nadie" XP. Phone Story Writer Forum Community. Foxes Teen Titans. Se salió sin que nadie lo notase y llegó volando…a la Tierra… En la torre de Los Titanes, cuando todos dormían, una sombra pasaba recorriendo los dormitorios de todos: El poison cuarto decía: Dash, el cual dormía con una parte de Rpbin Robin x blackfire, se quedó dormido al reconstruírlo por millonésima vez XP -Hum…no Rbin booty se fue al cuarto que decía Driving La chica tenía un Rbin tan oscuro que no pudo ver nada.

Al llegar ahí, todos la recibieron muy bien, vio a un chico cerca del palacio -Saludos real, has visto a BlackFire. Art pareció acceder -Tienes razón Applejack se horrorizó core tales palabras BlackFire sonrió y se llevó a Girl ya cambiado C StarFire se quedó sin entender lo que pasaba Curry habló y rompió el silencio -Me permites invitar blackfird los otros Titanes.

Robin x blackfire dorm would like Roin thank you for blackkfire bald support. Her review has been posted. Blackcire Add to Community Prowl Abuse. Soft Working Terms of Peachy.


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She has a sinister smile on her face, "Just finishing up some business here. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Your review has been posted.

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After Starfire discovers this deception, she confronts Blackfire in her prison and renounces her as her sister for pulling such a cruel stunt. Titan Tower Robin is sitting at his desk when he heard a sound behind him. I just have this idea that I want to put down first.

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