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It was actually my very first boss I got to do for Metroid," explained Mike. Phazon Mines. Creatures from Metroid Prime. It is one of six known specimens, four of which are found on Frigate Orpheon and two found in Eastern SkyTown , Elysia. Non-canon warning : Non-canonical information ends here. Popularity: Members: Favorites: 4. Try Now. Edit Synopsis The shields may be a one-way energy shield, allowing one way, but not the other.

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There are no fancy render passes or bump maps. Categories :. Phazon Mines.

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Mutated specimen appears similar to parasitic Tallon IV bioforms. Samus battles the Parasite Queen. Combat mutation applications are complete.

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Start Your Free Trial. The Parasite Queen Spirit can appear on the Spirit Board or in World of Light ; in the latter mode, the Parasite Queen appears in the Base when the Fighters use an incorrect console while trying to disable the second forcefield. Parasite Queens are the result of a Space Pirate bioengineering program. Creatures from Metroid Prime.

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It was actually my very first boss I got to do for Metroid," explained Mike. Biohazard Containment. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Try Now. The specimens on Orpheon , however, located in the Emergency Evacuation Area , Biohazard Containment , and Biotech Research Area 1 , are dead and hibernating, respectively. The Parasite Queen is the result of these experiments on one small life-form. Edit Synopsis

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Parasite Queen. All other characters were conceptualized by Andrew Jones. I only create the concept for one character and that is the space pirates you see at the very beginning of the game on the ship.

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The barrier that spun around the queen reflected its and Samus's attacks. Parasite Queen Trophy. There were originally three Parasite Queens prior to the events of Metroid Prime : two of them managed to break free from their stasis tanks on the Orpheon and wreaked havoc throughout the vessel, slaughtering much of its crew.

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